You were chosen for VICTORY

God chose you before your father met your mother. You were chosen before the maps of your country were drawn. God selected you and ordained you from the foundations of time to be a victor here on earth in 2017 – @PastorRan. I want you to think about yourself, your life, why you were created … Continue reading You were chosen for VICTORY

Agape-Love does not consider your weakness

You can easily tell when a person is functioning in love or out of love by simply observing his/her love walk. I found out that it is easier to lead someone who loves people to Christ than it is to lead someone who does not love people. Love is a revelation. If you walk in … Continue reading Agape-Love does not consider your weakness

Agape is covenant love

The agape love that we will be studying this month is a special kind of love. Agape is covenant love. It is beyond commanded love; it is the love that exists because of a covenant that we have. There is a difference between commanded love and covenant love - agape. The Bible commands us to … Continue reading Agape is covenant love