You were chosen for VICTORY

God chose you before your father met your mother. You were chosen before the maps of your country were drawn. God selected you and ordained you from the foundations of time to be a victor here on earth in 2017 – @PastorRan. I want you to think about yourself, your life, why you were created … Continue reading You were chosen for VICTORY

You shall cross the finish line

When the dust has settled, the noise around you has calmed down, you shall remain standing – @PastorRan When you start running the Christian race, the odds may be against you. There may be many obstacles on your way. But do not be distracted by these things, they are not real and they should not stop … Continue reading You shall cross the finish line

You have been given 86,400 seconds today

God is not struggling to win. Jesus already defeated Satan in Hell and we are here to remind Satan of that defeat. The March of Victory is a season for us to remind Satan about what happened to him 2017 years ago. Satan is paralysed, he can bark but cannot bite. We shall march for victory and make a joyful noise because you and I have stepped into a season of celebrations.