Sometimes you need stubborn faith to leap ahead

Not all challenges are the same. There are different levels of challenges that require different dosages of faith. There is a mustard seed faith and there is a caterpillar faith. You need to exercise stubborn faith over stubborn challenges that won’t go away quietly – @PastorRan. If you have been around unbelievers for a while … Continue reading Sometimes you need stubborn faith to leap ahead

Agape is covenant love

The agape love that we will be studying this month is a special kind of love. Agape is covenant love. It is beyond commanded love; it is the love that exists because of a covenant that we have. There is a difference between commanded love and covenant love - agape. The Bible commands us to … Continue reading Agape is covenant love

Are you under attack?

There are times when I get up in the morning feeling the weight of everything on my shoulders. There are times in which I feel as if I have so much burden to carry. I understand when people write to me and say "Pastor Ran, I can't take it anymore". I have learned one thing … Continue reading Are you under attack?