Little Known Leader – Cornelius

We are going to look at the life of a little known leader by the name Cornelius. You can tell from his name that he wasn’t a Jew but a Roman. The Holy Spirit allowed us to meet this little known and remarkable leader.

I believe what he did was so remarkable that the Holy Spirit wanted us to learn from his life.
Who was Cornelius? According to the Bible, Cornelius was a Roman centurion. This implied he was the head of an army. What does that mean? The Romans used a military structure made up of legions to dominate and enslave the Jews. A legion was made up of about 6,000 soldiers. These legions were broken down to cohorts of 600 soldiers. These cohorts were further broken down into little groups of 60 men headed by a Centuria. The head of these Centurias was called a Centurion. This means Cornelius could be qualified as a Military Commander.
Cornelius went against all odds and faced the risk of being killed when he received the revelation from an angel that Jesus was the Christ. He lead soldiers and his family to the gospel of Jesus Christ through Peter (Acts 10:5). He was such a leader and wise man that it is believed that He opened the door for the gospel to be preached to the gentiles.
Cornelius could have been killed by the Jews who wanted to revenge against the Roman rule. He could have been executed by Herod for not taking orders and for being a dissent in the army. He was courageous and unwavering.
I believe that Cornelius is an example of courageous leaders in the Bible.

Go and lead with courage!!!


Pastor Ran

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