You are different because of the anointing

Have you ever wondered why things that affect others do not seem to affect you?

Does it surprise you that what you went through killed many other people?

This is because of the anointing in your life.

It is God’s divine enablement.

It empowers you to overcome seemingly impossible challenges.

You don’t need to wear the anointing on your neck. You don’t need the anointing to be wrapped around your wrist. All you need to do is to receive this powerful anointing and allow it to work within you and drive away every opposing force that tries to attack you.

I have shared a video on the power of the anointing here.


You are different - Pastor Ran

Whenever God sends someone out to preach His word, He equips that person with His anointing. It is the pulsating force of God at work in your life.

It [the anointing] is in you and it resides in you.

Take charge of your life with the anointing today.


By Pastor Ran




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