August is the month of a FRESH ANOINTING

I hear the Lord saith, August is a month of the Fresh Anointing.

Image - Fresh anointing

The fresh anointing made me flourish in a country where I knew no one and had never lived in.

The anointing is the burden removing yoke breaking power of God.

The anointing will open doors for you a burst through walls for you that you never imagined.

Lord give me a fresh anointing this month. Fresh oil.

The yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.


Here is what Pastor Nelie wrote in one of our groups regarding the fresh anointing:

Fresh anointing that comes from fasting which will give us fresh strength to fight for our ministries, families, finances,careers and to win!!! Anointing gives us the ability to hear God’s guidance and move in the direction He wants for us. God’s anointing enables us to accomplish things that we could never accomplish on our own….And fasting puts us in position to receive that fresh anointing from God Almighty.


This is our season to receive fresh anointing that moves mountains.


Fresh oil !!!


Pastor Ran

@Pastor Ran




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