Chase them away and close the door

There is a story in the Bible when a synagogue leader named Jairus came to Jesus and requested Jesus to come to his house and heal his daughter who was dying. While Jesus was walking towards Jairus’ house, he was told that the girl had passed away. When Jesus came into the room that the little girl was laid, he looked around and saw people crying and wailing. He asked these people to leave and room, he only allowed Peter, James, John, Jairus and his wife and he closed the door. He held the hands of the girl and said

“little girl arise”;

and the girl woke up from the dead (Mark 5:21-43).

Why did Jesus chase the mourners away from the room and closed the door?

The answer is simple,

he wanted the power of God to have free-flow.

You may be going through tough times not because of your faith but the faith of those you hang out with. The spirit within you is stifled when you surround yourself with those who speak fear and lack always. There is a greater plan of God in your life and His plans are always good. You need to mute people in your life who are there as a distraction.

Closing doors behind you

Sometimes you need to close your door and exercise your faith. It may also mean close the doors to your social media (Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp). We sometimes practice no social media moment at home. It if means putting the phones and tablets away in order to draw strength from within you, so be it.

God wants to have a heart-to-heart bonding conversation with your spirit and He does not need distractions. Your healing, prosperity, promotion and business expansion may be delayed because of one nagging friend who keeps texting you every second.

Take charge of your destiny today,


Pastor Ran



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