Can religion really set one free?

Acts 6:9-10 “But some Jews from Cyrene and Alexandria were members of a group who called themselves “Free Men.” They started arguing with Stephen. Some others from Cilicia and Asia also argued with him. But they were no match for Stephen, who spoke with the great wisdom that the Spirit gave him.”

Religion also promises some degree of freedom but at its core, people have always been held as captives. There are always some rules to be fulfilled or some path to take in order to get to God. But Christianity is different from religion. In Christianity we are not seeking God, we receive Christ and God comes to live in us. This is why most religious people are always never happy. There is always a lack of fulfilment; they entangle themselves in the same laws that they have created.

God has the way (Christ) but He does not have a path.

This is what most people do not know. You cannot use a path to get to God but you can come to Him through the way – Jesus Christ.

The work of God was growing greatly in all Jerusalem; while this was happening; a group of religious Jews who called themselves the ‘Free Men’ came arguing with Stephen. They were supposed to be free but they could not keep their freedom to themselves. They were free but were jealous and envious. They called themselves the freemen but they could not live a free life. Whenever religion gives you freedom, it always comes in an unpleasant package. True freedom is in the spirit; it is a state of nothing lacking and nothing missing. This is what is called ‘shalom’, which is peace and prosperity. It is a state of not wanting anything and not complaining. Most people of the world who define themselves as free are not really free people. If you know what they go through when no one is around them, you would be shocked. True Christians are the only ones able to experience physical and spiritual freedom.


Father, I thank you for the life of peace and freedom that you have given me. I am enjoying the joy of my salvation today because of the spirit of Christ in me. I am bold to walk in faith today in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Shalom! Shalom!


By Pastor Ran


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