Living a life of peace in the day of grace

2 Peter 1:2Grace and peace be multiplied to you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord.”


This portion of scripture is powerful and one of the most refreshing to me. Peter is telling us today that we must allow grace and peace to multiply or abound in us this day. The word “grace” used here refers to the word “charis” which means cheerfulness, joy and thankfulness. This is supposed to be your life style today. Make a decision to be happy and to be joyful. Keep your head up and your cheek always smiling. This is how the first Christians lived. They lived in complete joy and thankfulness to God.

Picture - Peace 1

The next important text used by Peter here is “peace” derived from the Greek word “eirene” which means peace. This word “Eirene” symbolises and mother holding her child and shielding or protecting the baby. It also means prosperity. This is a state where nothing is missing in your life and nothing is lost in your life. It is more than just tranquillity or quietness, it is peace with prosperity and protection. In Hebrew, a similar word “shalom” is used, which means peace and prosperity. God wants you well, He wants you happy, He wants you prosperous and He desires that these things be multiplied unto you.

Do not let your heart be troubled or worried, do not allow fear or doubt to rule your life. It is time to rest in the knowledge and the wisdom of God. In our text verse, Peter says these things should be multiplied “through the knowledge of God”. The word Knowledge is translated as “epignosis” in Greek which means precise, exact and accurate knowledge. This is what you obtain when you study devotionals such as “Read and Live”. Your eyes are opened to the truth regarding the word of God. When it dawns on you that God has blessed you with all you require, you will live like a champion in this life. Your knowledge of God will determine your level of peace and prosperity that you will enjoy.

You can only live to the level of your revelation of Christ in you.



Father, I receive peace, grace and prosperity today. I am open to your word and I know the lines have fallen for me in pleasant places and I have a goodly heritage. I am a joint heir with you and I am determined to take your word forward this day in the name of Jesus. Amen.




Pastor Ran

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