Job 41:32-34 “Behind Him (God), He makes His track resplendent; one would reckon the abyss to be grey-haired. There is no one on the earth comparable to Him, who was made to be without dismay. He stares down on every haughty creature He is king over every strutting beast.”

Job 42:1-2 “Then Job answered the Lord saying “I know that you are able in all things and no plans of yours can be thwarted”.

You might have come across or heard about the story of a man called Job in the Bible. This portion of scripture is one of the last accounts of the conversation that Job had with God at the end of his sufferings. The version above is in the original Hebrew text and it is fascinated to listen to what Job said at the end about God. He says that God is able in all things and no plans of His can be thwarted. God is not only able to do all things but He is able in all things. He able to see you through in all things that you face. This means no demon hatched from hell can abort the plan of God.

04. No retreat or surrender.PNG

Job also said that God is without dismay, which means that He can’t be worried or perturbed by events that are happening to us. He has everything under control and His plans are designed to work on time and in season.

When you face battles, remember that you serve a living God who does not retreat and does not surrender.

The God we serve has direct access to every institution, persons, governments and court on this earth. The master of the heavens and earth does not need permission to speak to anyone that He so desires. He does not have a jurisdiction and the laws of the land do not apply to Him. He stares at the haughty creatures. Those who are planning evil against you are under the watchful eyes of Jehovah and he creates a way of escape for you before they execute their plans. He is King of every strutting or proud person on earth. This means He puts down proud people and lifts up the humble at His will.


Father, I am forging ahead knowing that my path is as a shining light that shines more and more. I am victorious in you. The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places because you are my God and my salvation. My help comes from you. I thank you for opening me doors into areas where no one can shut in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Keep rolling with Jesus,


From @PastorRan

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