Romans 10:9that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

This is the doorway of success in your life. If you have been reading this devotional and you are not born again, then you need to confess today that Jesus is the Lord of your life. As a child of God and a spirit being, confession brought you into the kingdom and your confession will sustain you in this kingdom. Christianity is not religion, Christianity is life; someone said

“Christianity is the pulsating life of God in a new creation.”

This is so true, the moment you become born again there is a force activated in you that keeps you alive which is called Christ or the anointing.

The confession is derived from the Greek word “homologeo” which is a compound word made up of homos, meaning “together or the same” and a form of logos, meaning “something said.” Hence, homologeo means “to agree with what was said by someone else.” Whenever you say out loud what is said in the word of God you are in agreement and the Bible says every time you do that you are confessing and thus you shall be saved.

The word “saved” is from the Greek verb sōzō, meaning “to save or to deliver and protect from harm.” This is a very powerful portion of scripture that you need to take advantage of. The systems of this world are designed to harm or destroy the purpose of God in your life. But the Bible says if we keep confessing (or “homologeo”) the word, then we are bound to be saved (or “sozo”) from this system. I decree and declare…

Your family shall be “sozo” because of your confession, your job shall be “sozo” because of your confession, your business shall be “sozo” because of your confession. Don’t be quiet.

That is why the Bible says no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Because Jesus was raised from the dead, your body shall be healed and your finances shall be protected.


Father, I receive full protection of my finances, my business, my ministry, my job from the harm of the enemy. My health is protected, my children are protected. I am a success today in Jesus’ name; Amen.



With love,


From @PastorRan

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