Wisdom for Promotion – Winning In Marriage

Have you noticed that it seems that the lifespan of marriages have decreased as society has become more innovative? It seems innovation and all these new technologies are damaging marriages and breaking homes. It is common to find young people in their twenties who have lost all hope of finding a suitable spouse for their lives. here is what the Bible says:

Proverbs 18:22   He that finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord

Everyone seems to know at least something about anyone using social media. Our lives are permanently on display and it is funny how this is hampering marriages. We can all read the tweets from our spouses the moment they are posted on social media platforms. Couples follow each other on social media and are instantly aware of the activities of their wives or husbands. Although this may seem good, the downside is that there is hardly anything interesting to talk about when husbands and wives finally meet.


When I looked back at the marriage of my parents that have lasted for so long; I realised that they stayed for so long because they missed each other during the day. They had something to look forward to at the end of each day since there were no Facebook or Twitter accounts in their day. I advise young men and women to be cautious on the usage of social media; it may lead to unintended consequences. I ensure that we have a “no cellphone” moment at home. This is a moment when I restrict the use of social media and we get to do something that everyone can participate.

We need to apply God’s wisdom in our marriages for it to thrive. This is the season for God to speak to His children but most people miss God because they were busy chatting on social media. It is very possible to tweet yourself into poverty.

It is very possible to WhatsApp your way out of your job. Most couples have text themselves out of their marriages and destroyed their homes.

It is my prayer that we live wholesome lives as couples and respect the anointing enough to spend time with God in prayer and meditation. I speak very often with the Spirit that indwells me and I strengthen myself by having daily communion with the Holy Spirit in me. He is my comforter and your comforter. He knows what to do before I even find out the problem. Take charge of your marriage and live exemplary lives this week.

Father, I thank you for giving me the wisdom to overcome the temptation of social media. I know that you have a better plan for my life and my marriage. Teach me to communion with you more and chat less. Give me the divine discipline to follow the instructions of Your Spirit in the matchless name of Jesus.

Be promoted this season,

By Pastor Ran

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