Wisdom for Promotion – Overcoming Your Fears

The single trait among highly successful people is that they have been able to overcome their fears. Society has a way of opening up and giving way to the man/woman who has conquered his/her fears and has lived an exemplary life.
Imagine if the Wright brothers (who invented the aeroplane) were afraid what others would think about them trying to fly a winged object like birds.

Growth means change, and change sometimes creates uncertainty which may lead to fear. 

The Bible says God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7
In other words, God gave us the spirit of love, power and a sound mind for our promotion. This is why I refuse to fear. I have decided to march on and possess what rightfully belongs to me. I am on a journey to possess my heavenly inheritance on this earth. You are here to rule and establish the kingdom of God in the hearts of men/women. Refuse to live a shallow live and move higher.
As a wise person, it is important that you close your ears from the noises that distract you and open your spiritual antenna to the voice of the living God.

Close your ears to the noise text

Consider these three things that most people are afraid of:

  • The fear of what others would say – What others say about you does not really count because they did not create you. God, who created you speaks well about you.
  • The fear of not having enough – What you already have is plenty. You have more than enough to change the world. God does not work with what you’ve lost, He works with what is left. A little boy came to Jesus with three fish and five loaves of bread, that was all that Jesus needed to feed 5,000 men.
  • It is not the right time – Every time you face your fears and achieve great things for God is the right time. God does not look at your life in terms of minutes and hours (chronos), He looks at your life in terms of seasons; this is called “Kairos” time. Take this season and run your race for Christ.

Your life is not defined by what others have called you. In the realm of the Spirit, you are known by one name and that name is the name of Jesus. You have one identity which is Christ and He was promoted and elevated in Easter for your promotion. You are the evidence that He is alive and He lives forevermore.



Father, I refuse to be afraid of what others may say about me. I am set on a course of victory. I see myself the way you see me and I am destined to accomplish great things for your kingdom. I am elevated and I grow because you have given me wings to fly and achieve great heights in the mighty name of Jesus.


You have been promoted this season.


By Pastor Ran


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