The wisdom to reign – Standing at a crossroad

Have you ever stood at a crossroad in your life? This is the point at which you have to make huge decisions; it is coming to a point in your life that you cannot turn back. There are times when going forward is the only option and it can sometimes become costly for you. Those in the military face this on a daily basis; they have to make quick decisions and turning back is sometimes not an option.

As we expound on the wisdom of God, I want to draw your attention to the wisest king that ever lived; he is King Solomon. Have you ever wondered why King Solomon married so many wives?

Do you know that King Solomon had a total of 700 wives and 300 concubines?

He was just 13 years of age when he was enthroned as king, by the time when his reigned ended (40 years later); he had married more than 700 women and looked after more than 300 concubines. This is mind-blowing by any standard.

I know that many in the Church have probably attributed this to Solomon’s weakness or that somehow, King Solomon must have been a “womanizer”. If we just had to go with the statistics, it puts King Solomon in the category of a very immoral and irresponsible king. But we are faced with a conundrum because the Bible says Solomon was the wisest king that ever ruled Israel. How can the wisest king end up with so many wives and concubines? You may ask.

King Solomon was at a crossroad in his life. He knew that God did not permit his father (David) to build the temple because David had “blood in his hands”. King David had killed so many people in his lifetime that he was not worthy to build the temple of God. Solomon did not want to be like his father King David. However, King Solomon needed to make peace with his neighbours and other kings in order for the temple to be built without any disruption. In order to make peace with other kings and build good relationships with them, King Solomon would ask for their daughters’ hand in marriage. This was a wise thing in the sight of King Solomon; he knew that if a neighbouring king was his father-in-law; there will forever be peace between Israel and that neighbouring kingdom. In doing this, King Solomon ended up marrying more than 700 wives and had more than 300 concubines. He succeeded in building the first temple of Israel, and Israel never fought a single war with its neighbours.

1 King 11:13  “He had 700 wives who were princesses and 300 concubines, and they turned his heart away from the LORD.”

While Kind Solomon had accomplished his mission, he encountered a problem in his reign. He married the daughter of Pharaoh who had been practising idol worshipping and they brought the idol worship practices to Israel. This is where the wisdom of man fails the test; it accomplishes the result but it creates other problems.


Father, I ask for your direction and wisdom to solve complex problems. I believe in your perfect wisdom which never fails. You are the God that never changes and you reign from everlasting to everlasting in the mighty name of Jesus.



Reign in God’s wisdom today,


From @PastorRan


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