The wisdom to reign – Keep your dreams alive

One of the keys to reigning in life is to keep your dreams alive. I found out that the universe has a way of opening up to the man or woman who never stops dreaming. Successful people are those who have nurtured their dreams and kept their visions alive. Change is inevitable, but if you keep your dreams alive and never doubt your potential, then you will undoubtedly overcome any obstacle in your life.

I have instilled in our child a simple way of keeping his dreams alive. What I do is very simple but has a lasting impact on the life of the child. I bought a set of sticker that read “you are a star” and everytime our child accomplishes something good or completes his assignments, I will place the sticker on his forehead to remind him that he is a star. This has emboldened his confidence and instilled in him a mindset of success. When he gets up in the morning and looks at himself in a mirror, the first thing he sees is a star on his forehead that was placed there by his dad. This works wonders for a child. When he leaves for school, he places the star sign on his wrist and shows all his friends that he is a star. I hope that you would learn to praise your kids and encourage them to live up to their potential.


Psalm 8:2  “Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.”

The Bible contains this great wisdom in Psalms 8:2. It says through praise and of children, we have established a stronghold against our enemies and silence the foe and avenger. This means when you praise your children, the enemy is silenced and the stronghold is established against them. Just the simple act of encouraging your kids causes satan and his demons to be bound by the strong man called the Holy Spirit.



Father, I thank you for this wisdom, I receive the grace to encourage my kids and treat them as a gift from you. I know that you have blessed me beyond measure and I establish a stronghold against anyone who tries to destroy my kids in the mighty name of Jesus.


Write to me, I want to know how you are teaching your kids to overcome the challenges of life.

Keep reigning in life,


From @PastorRan


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