The Purpose of Wisdom – Moving Forward

A big part of human nature is the ability to move forward. Progress is synonymous with living. In fact, if you are not making progress in life, you are just existing and not living. Knowing God and gaining access to His wealth of wisdom helps us to move forward in life. There is no greater joy than taking small steps every day and making every day count in your life.

Salvation is an opportunity of a lifetime and you do not get an opportunity of a lifetime in two lifetimes.

Here is what the Bible says

Galatians 6:10 “Therefore, as we have this opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers”.

You and I have been given an opportunity today to do something good. This opportunity is important if you are a Christian. The Bible verse says we should do good deeds; especially, to believers in Christ or Christians. Do not let this day or this week pass you by. Grab every opportunity and make the most of it. You are here as a messenger from heaven and it is important that you redeem the time and create heaven on earth. Since your time here is limited, do not waste it on projects or ventures that bring no good to the body of Christ.

01. Good deeds

The wisdom of God will guide you this week and it will cause you to meet the right people at the right time. When you stand up to speak, the wisdom of God will speak through you and it will cause you to triumph in this life.


Father, I thank you for the opportunity to live on this earth. I know that I am here by your grace. Grant me the grace to live my life for your glory. Direct my steps and lighten my path so that I meet the right people and say the right words in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen


With love,


From @PastorRan



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