Shout for joy this Christmas

If you read the writings of Luke in Luke chapter 2, verse 13 to 14, you may think that it happened in a Hollywood movie.

Luke 2:13-14 “And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying,  Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men”

This happened right before the eyes of people who walked this earth. The Bible records, in Luke 2, that when the shepherd who kept flocks by night were brought the good news of Jesus’ birth, the heavens were opened, angels and other heavenly host (such as Enoch, Elijah and Moses who did not taste death) shouted for joy. What a night it was for those shepherd, imagine shepherds being entertained by the heavenly choir. This was more than an opera or a famous artist. This was heaven touching the earth. These men were caught in awe. This is the same choir that praises God every morning, the same choir that John heard and recorded in the book of Revelation. If angels, who are ministering spirits, could shout glory to God, how much more you that have received the Holy Ghost? This is your week to shout out glory to God.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord today, sing His praise, O magnify the Lord with me and let us worship his name together (Psalms 34:3).

I usually wonder why these angels were so happy, I found out the answer in John 1:14; when the angels saw, for the very first time, the word of God wrapped up in human flesh, they could not hold their peace but burst for joy. Whenever you lift your hands up to worship, all the angels in heaven are also lifting up their hands. We were created for the glory of God, we are instruments of worship. Lift up your voices today and offer worship.


I lift my voice and my hands in adoration today. I am created for the glory of God. Thank you Father for sending your son to die for me. In Jesus’ name. Amen


May you have a Merry Christmas 2017.


With love,


From @PastorRan

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