Who are you hanging out with?

I spent time talking to an old man a few years back who told me a very interesting story about his life. He is one of those who has probably seen the rise of South Africa from the ashes of apartheid. He told me how when he was a young man, he never dreamed of driving a car. The apartheid system was so discriminatory that young men were only trained as artisans and could only ride a bicycle. His dream, as a young man, was to own a bicycle. He now owns a car and he is one of the Project Managers of a huge construction company in Johannesburg. I inquired of him when his perception of his life changed. He looked at me and replied that he was able to look beyond a bicycle when he left his village and moved to the cities. His perception and vision changed when he realised that he was more than just a bicycle.

I am sure we are all familiar with stories such as these. There is one lesson that we can grab from this story and here it is;

the worries and the fears of those that we hang around with have a way of robbing us of our blessings.

If you spent time with people who believe that there are no jobs and there are no opportunities, sooner or later, you will end up jobless and believe what those around you believe. The Apostle Paul witnessed this first hand. When he converted to Christianity after persecuting Christians. The only way in which he (Paul) could fulfil his vision as a young convert was to disassociate from those who didn’t believe in Christ. Here is what Paul says:

1 Corinthians 15:33 “Do not be deceived, bad company corrupts good character.”

He says don’t be deceived or do not believe a lie. This is the reason why Jesus handpicked 12 men to walk with Him as He took the gospel from coast to coast. The system of this world is designed to oppose the kingdom of God. The world believes that if you want a car, you need to money or currency to buy that car. In the kingdom of God, it is not so. In God’s kingdom, if you need a car, you do not need currency, all you need is to bring it out from within you. Everything that you desire has been deposited in your spirit. All earthly currencies are wrapped up in the spiritual currency called faith. As you release your faith, you activate the realm of the spirit to manifest naturally. This is why one of our fathers of faith, Isaac, sowed in the year of drought and he received a hundredfold harvests in one year (Genesis 26:12).


Father, disconnect me from anyone whose vision is contrary to the plan that you have for my life. Let me be located by those whom you have elected to amplify your call in my life. Protect me and guard my lip. Let your voice resonate within me and grant me the courage to sow in tough times in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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