Jesus is the “light of men/women”

The Bible describes Jesus as the light of men/women. It means, without Jesus, most people will stumble and fall.

John 1:4 “In Him was life and the life was the light of men.”

The verse of today says in God (the word = Jesus) was life and the life that God had was the light of men. The verse links the life that you have to the very light of God that was present when the universe was created. The same force that the Father used to form you in your mother’s womb was the same light that was used to create the universe. This light is present in everyone that is born into this world. As a child, you had this light of God shining from your spirit to light up this world. But the enemy worked tirelessly to quench your light before you ever discovered it. For some, they discovered it earlier in their lives while for others, they only discover their light at a later stage in life.

I pray that you discover your light; your true purpose into this world. The reason that you were created is found in the light of God in you. The grace of God is found in the light of God. This is the same as the glory of God. As you meditate the word of God, the light of God shines brighter and brighter. Whenever you go for a meeting, radiate the light of God in that office. Let your presence be felt and your impact be made.



I radiate the light of God wherever I go. The glory of God is shining in me and through me. I am here to light up the world for the glory of God. I am the perfection of God’s beauty in Jesus’ name; Amen.


By @PastorRan

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