What is the value of life?

August is a season of “Unceasing fruit“. The Lord has placed in my heart the revelation on fruitfulness. My life has been a very fruitful journey and I want to show you how.

The value of life is a very pertinent topic. Do you know the value of life? Do you know what it means to live a fulfilled life? Do you know why (even unbelievers) speak good of someone at his funeral? I have never attended a funeral where it was said that the deceased was a drunkard, selfish and dishonest person. This happens because at the end of this life, mankind measures the value of life by the good things that a person did. This is why all the billionaires of this age are actively involved with charity work. This is why Bill Gates is involved with the fight to end malaria in Africa. This is the reason why the founder of Facebook is on a drive to build communities around the world.

The Bible says if you live after the flesh you shall die. But if you, through the spirit, mortify the deeds of the flesh, you shall live. (Romans 8:13)

Let me explain what this means. The flesh functions on the principle of appetite. The problem with appetite is that it is never satisfied. If you feed an appetite, it doesn’t go away, the appetite instead grows. An example of this is when a person feeds himself on drugs or when a person is corrupt; these things grow. So you never get satisfied with the things of the flesh. This means the things of the flesh are designed to kill you. The pleasures of the flesh are always done at the expense of another person. Let me give you an example, if a person commits robbery, there is someone who gets harmed in the process. This is not so with the things of the spirit. Human beings are designed to be most fulfilled when they help other human beings. The more you help and meet the needs of a fellow person, the better your life becomes.

This is a season of an unceasing fruit.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s edition as I help you bear fruits this August.

Pastor Ran



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