The proof of agape is that Jesus is always here.


If you truly love someone, you will never let him or her go.

One of the hardest things to find these days is loyalty. We often get disappointed time and again by people that we have entrusted to assist us or to perform certain tasks for us. One of my colleagues is a man with a very strange personality. This man doesn’t greet or talk to anyone at the office. At first, it appeared weird to me that a person will act in this way. I decided to always greet him or try to talk with him but he will speak few words and move away. I inquired with others what could have happened to him. I learned that he recently went through a contentious divorce. He lost his assets and his family. This man was so disappointed that he lost trust in human beings as a whole. Those he loved betrayed him and left him destitute. Here is a pivotal scripture for you:

Hebrews 13:5   Let your conduct be without covetousness, for He has said “I will never leave you nor forsake you”

I have discovered that most people who refuse to seek the LORD while they are young end up paying a very high price when they grow up. If a man has the wrong mindset, he will make the wrong decisions in life. One wrong decision can take a lifetime to correct. If your decision for a wife is based on the shoes she wears or her lipstick, chances are that you made the wrong decision. If your marriage is based on the heart and your covenant relationship with God, you will live a long and fulfilled life.

Agape love is not based on what we look like and what we have. It is based on the love that we have for God. Your husband should not be the person you saw in a BMW vehicle. Your husband should be someone you want to spend the rest of your life with because he loves the Lord. Jesus says He will never leave you nor forsake you because you are the apple of God’s eye. He loves you because Papa God loves you. This is what agape is all about. God’s love for you will never wax cold because on what you did in the past or what you do in future. You are still the apple of His eyes during good days or bad days. You remain the centre of God’s heart during sickness or health. He doesn’t get tired of you and you can never disappoint Him no matter how hypocritical you become. He loves you unconditionally and He proves it by the fact that He will never let you go.

Pray aloud:

Father, I am delighted to know that You love me and you will never leave me nor forsake me. People may reject me and say all manner of evil against me, but you Lord looks at my heart. I cannot be cheated in life because you are my counselor. I cannot fail in life because you are my advocate. I refuse to be sick because you are my healer. I am destined for the prosperous life because you have made me in your image and your likeness in Jesus’ name. Amen.


If you have prayed this prayer write to us and we will pray for you and send you materials that will bless you.

By @PastorRan



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