Agape is True Love

A few years ago as I travelled to the Middle East for audits, I met a man that I will call “Doug”. Although he called himself that and we just followed but his full names were Douglas. This man was in his late fifties and he was just waiting for his retirement to come so he could go and rest. This man and I became good friends so much so that he could confide in me. I asked him why he always got up in the middle on the night with his phone on his hand. He told me how he recently got married to a “rich” British girl. He told me how he was going through financial difficulties before he got married to this young and rich British girl who changed his financial story. But there was a problem. This girl would disturb him all the time and insists that he responds to her call within seconds because she didn’t like to be kept on the line waiting. She had threatened my friend Doug with immediate divorce should he not respond to her cell phone call.

Doug was in love but he did not know that the seemingly young British girl was using and abusing him. He wanted money, but he became sick because of the unending demand and stress by his new found love. Doug was attrackted to her physically being but he forgot that true beauty is in the heart and not in the eyes.

There are four ancient Greek renderings for the word love, but the Bible only contains three of them and the other one is not found anywhere in the Bible. Let me show you what they are and why my friend Doug got entangled with this word called love.

The first and best type of love is agape love. The God kind of love. It is love that causes you to sacrifice for the other person. Jesus spoke about this type of love on several occasions I the Bible. Agape is true love.


The second type of love spoken about in the Bible is “Philadelphia“. It is brotherly love. It is the love that causes us to look out for one another and care for our loved ones even if they are not related to us.

The third type of love that we come across in the Bible is “storge“, which is the love that a Father has for his son or daughter. It is the sane love expressed by a mother towards her kids when they are born. It is the love the comes with being part of a lineage.

All the 3 types of love spoken about above are in the Bible. There is a fourth type of love that existed for many years and was present in ancient Greek which never appeared in the Bible. This type of love is called “Eros“.

In ancient Greek, Eros was considered to be the son of the god Aphrodite who interacted with humans. It was unheard of to use that word and it is the worst form of love that came from the pit of hell. This type of love, Eros, is sensual love, the Bible does not even call it love, it is called lust. It is fleshy love. It is the lust practised by Jezebel in the Bible. This lust or Eros is where the word erotic love comes from.

I have heard most people say when two people are married then no one should separate them. Well, this rule only applies to agape love.

If two people stand before God and tell lies that they are in love (agape) whereas they are actually lustful (Eros) for one another, a good Pastor is suppose to scatter than sinful relationship.

Lust is the same as worshipping the god Aphrodite and his son Eros. I refuse people to stay in a home where that demon is worshipped. Agape love leads to life but Eros lust leads to death. Get out from that lustful bond and be joined to the living God.


By @PastorRan


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