Lego Batman

A few days ago, my son insisted that we should watch one of his favorite cartoons at the local Cinema. This cartoon is called Lego Batman. I am not really into cartoons and I had so much going on that I couldn’t quite squeeze that into my schedule.

He just would not stop insisting until I gave in and decided to go and watch this cartoon with him at the cinema. I must say, most of the time, I was fast asleep and missed a big chunk of the cartoon. When I woke up, it was mid way and I decided to focus and follow the story.

I am sure that most of you may know abit more than I do regarding super heroes and cartoons but it intrigued me to discover that Lego Batman was so scared of being part of a family. He wanted to be known as the tough man and the strong man but deep inside of him, he was feeling an emptiness that no one knew about. He watched relationship movies in secret but wouldn’t admit to his friends that he really lacked a good relationship.

This is like most believers these days. They look for all the help in the world to solve an emptiness that only God can fill. The reason God created man and woman and did not provide them with everything was so that they will seek and find Him. Man/woman wants to be surrounded by the goodies of this world but God is looking for a family. Some people look strong outside, they act strong and appear to have everything going on for them but within these people are little babies crying for help.

God is not an evil Father who will abandon His kids in a time of need. He will not allow a mosquito to bite you at night. He is the provider and the giver of life.

Walk in His love ❤ this week in the mighty name of Jesus.

By @PastorRan

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