Agape February was a wonderful season

God is not struggling to win. Jesus already defeated Satan in Hell and we are here to remind Satan of that defeat. The March of Victory is a season for us to remind Satan about what happened to him 2017 years ago. Satan is paralysed, he can bark but cannot bite. We shall march for victory and make a joyful noise because you and I have stepped into a season of celebrations.

God’s love (agape) is the greatest love story ever told

The story of salvation is the greatest and most powerful love story every told. Hard hearts melt and mountains are brought low as they listen to this story. I turned on the internet and I watched a young Pastor by the name of Dharius Daniels who expounded on salvation in such a powerful way that … Continue reading God’s love (agape) is the greatest love story ever told

Cast all your burdens unto Jesus

There is no need taking on an extra burden when you can place that burden on Jesus today for He cares for you. I went to the shop yesterday and I saw an area that was taped out with a Police line tape. We all know that this Police line tape shows that something terrible happened. … Continue reading Cast all your burdens unto Jesus